So I’m back with another article and I’m very excited for this one because it has changed my life in every single way you could possibly imagine. Hope you like it!

Rule #1 > “Goodbye haters”

The first rule you must follow this year (and the golden one) is to cut toxic people out of your life. This is the hardest step because we usually don´t see that some people aren’t happy with our plans and achievements while we do care for their success.

These “haters” are going to stop you from accomplishing your dreams and they’re an obstacle for future plans. I don´t care WHO this person you’re maybe thinking about is, you must say goodbye for your own mental and physical health.

You’re going to focus on YOU and nobody else, because this kind of people just spread negativity into our lives and life is hard enough the way it is so we don’t need to add more drama to it 😉

(Remember this might hurt at the beginning but with time you’ll see it was for the best)

RULE #2 > “Challenge yourself”

A #girlboss is usually seeking for success. Success isn’t going to knock on your door one day, YOU MUST CHASE IT. So this rule is for you to be busy! Trust me there’s no worst thing as procrastination.

This year challenge yourself. Go to college, learn a different language, practice a sport you’re madly in love with, plan your own business, write a book, travel a lot! Take cooking lessons, take makeup lessons, whatever makes you happy!

RULE #3 > “Sing and dance”

This is my favorite rule! You need to sing at the top of your lungs and dance like nobody’s watching. This is so terapeutic for me and makes me happier because im having fun and i dont care what i am doing (i do this at night alone in my room with the speakers at its loudest).

Now is the perfect moment to scream and to forget all those things that makes us feel worried. You will feel free and careless.

Play happy and meaningful songs. Right now im OBSESSED with “the greatest showman” soundtrack! It’s amazing! All the songs are amazing and the lyrics are just ugh!

My favourite songs i suggest you try (and learn):

-Million dreams (the greatest showman)
-From now on (the greatest showman)
-This is me (the greatest showman)
-Hurt (Emeli Sande)
-Dembow (this one’s in spanish but you will love the rythm)
-Esperandote (Manuel Turizo, again is in spanish but its amazing!)
-Downtown (J Balvin)
-I fall apart (Post Malone)
-We found love (Rihanna)
-Love today (MIKA)
-Remember (Underdog project)** FAV!
-Saturday night (Underdog project)

RULE #4 > “Writing”

I can´t explain how relaxed and happy writing and reading makes me feel. I just pour every single thought i have in my head into a white sheet of paper. Write about anything! You can even start a journal or you can write a book (like im doing), you can write what are you grateful for or maybe a bucket list! IT DOESN’T MATTER but write!

I swear you are going to feel better and you won’t forget anything if you’re constantly taking notes and reminders.

RULE #5 > “Pamper yourself”

We need to take care of ourselves at the end of the week or whenever we are feeling down and exhausted. I like to apply masks in my face and shave because i feel prettier and relaxed taking a bath.

You can play your favorite music and watch a movie or serie on Netflix with your favorite snack while wearing your comfiest Pj’s (that’s what i like to do).

Remember it’s okay to have a break! We’re humans and we’re dealing with a lot of stuff! We’re WOMAN!

We deserve it because we work so hard and we achieve every single goal we have, right?


THANKS A LOT! I really hope you like the rules.