Body Positivity is a big thing lately and there are a lot of accounts and quotes, that are telling you that we’re all beautiful the way we are. And I don’t think that there’s something wrong about this, but for me, this doesn’t really work out somehow.

I accept my body the way it is but there are parts I don’t like. It’s a healthy, functioning body and I’m glad to live in it, but I have quite a hard time preaching myself that the body I live in is beautiful.

What helped me accepting my body and not hating it,

was the thought of “we’re all ugly”. That may sound a bit hard, but let me explain. Like me, everyone has body parts they don’t like. Especially in summer, when people wear fewer clothes or laying at the beach, you see so many different body types. And they all have their own flaws. I’m working on being less judgemental but when I see a person that doesn’t fit the norm, the first thing that comes to my mind isn’t „we’re all beautiful”.

Don’t stress yourself if you don’t fully love your body.

Beauty shouldn’t be our main goal. We’re all just humans. Everyone has a different idea of what they find attractive. The only thing that matters is, that you feel comfortable in your body and with yourself. Some people will see you as the most beautiful person ever and some are attracted by different looks. And that’s okay.

But, please, don’t spread negativity. Maybe we can’t control our thoughts but we can work on changing our thinking. And you should never make people feel bad about themselves.