Whether it´s becoming a famous artist or being fit, everyone´s got dreams and aspirations. Although some of them might seem unreachable or way too far away from your possibilities it´s only by staying focused and motivated that you´ll get the chance to make them come true.
I know that sometimes they require a lot of effort. So much so, that we can feel like giving up and end up feeling frustrated.
Despite how comfortable it´s to blame it on others or on the difficulties you would have to deal with if you were to chase your dreams, it´s important to recognize that it´s YOU and ONLY YOU the one who´s got the power to go for it and change your reality.
So I´ve made a list with some tips to help you do so.


Grab a blank piece of paper and let your mind wander. Draw yourself in 5…10…12 months from now. If you wish to become a successful surgeon you can draw yourself in a hospital. Make it personal and don´t be ashamed if it looks ridiculous, after all, it´s your personal dream. In case you´re not so keen on drawing, give it a chance, since it´s important for your brain to picture what it wants so that it truly assimilates the idea and it starts looking for ways to make it real. When you´re finished, place it somewhere where you can easily see it, you know, as a reminder, so that in the future you can still find your motivation in the old inspired you.


Now, realize you must focus on ways to reach your goal. Elaborate a plan for it. You might find bullet journals or lists very useful for this. Keep your mind organised and don´t let yourself get overwhelmed by it. Be realistic, but still. challenge yourself. Keep record of your achievements regularly and once in a while compare the last one to the previous ones and see what has to change and what doesn´t.Also, remember it doesn´t really matter what others might think about your dreams, because, after all, they´re YOURS


Once you´ve made up your mind what your dream is going to be and you´ve managed to plan your strategies GO GET IT. Push yourself if you have to. If you want to become a famous singer, make your music and publish it! If you want to be fit and to finally be healthy, go to the gym and eat well! The universe won´t be on your side if you´re not either.


Life is tough, I know honey. Still, it´s worth living the best way you possibly can. If you Do have a dream, you should be aware of the fact that reaching it would change your reality, so you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone and get rid of your fears. Be excited over the idea of trying something new. You deserve it.