Spring break is a welcomed time of rest for students after the hecticness of midterms and freezing weather. But you don’t have to treat yourself while breaking the bank. Here’s how to have a memorable and relaxing spring break from anywhere, even your home!

Beauty school discounts
Spring is the perfect time to debut freshly colorful nails and pedicured toes sticking out of sandals. It’s also a good time to rub away all the dry skin and redness that built up from the cold weather. A spa day is a perfect and easy way to relax. Look into a beauty school, the students are still trained and certified but you receive a hefty discount for helping them gain experience.

Do it yourself

If leaving home isn’t fo you, putting together a spa day at home is easy. Just grab some nail care supplies, premade mace masks and bubble bath from your local pharmacy or supply store, and run a hot steamy bath. Bring your favorite drinks and books in with you. If it’s warm enough you can even rock a bikini and get your tan on outside.


Every hometown has great shopping and eating experiences. Grab your friends or family and go to your local town center or city. Pretend to be tourists, look at everything as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Most stores don’t carry the same products for very long anyway. It doesn’t have to be expensive either, you can always grab cheap snacks or bring your own food and window shop.


During spring break you have a lot more free time then you would during a busy school year. Surely there is someone you want to spend time with? Talk to old friends, neighbors, coworkers in the area. You can have a party, picnic, game night or anything fun.

Make time for your hobbies

It’s important to make the most of the rare free time spring break affords you. Are there things you’ve been meaning to do but have been to busy for? Maybe reading a certain book, journaling or finishing a movie. Maybe even visiting a new restaurant or your favorite park. As long as you make an effort do what you love, you will have an amazing spring break!