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Love yourself

Love yourself

Hating yourself is an awful feeling and also very tiring and heavy on your heart. loving yourself can be hard, but its one of the best feelings to accept yourself as you are. but when you start to love yourself there is so many benefits that you may not think of until you love yourself.

  • you may be more kind to other people (especially the ones you normally would be jealous of)
  • its easier to find clothes to wear
  • you may stand and walk with more confidence.
  • eye contact can be easier
  • people not liking you doesn’t get to you like it used to
  • finding friends and love is easier
  • having fun can be easier because your not worried all the time about what you look like.
  • finding your own personal style and likes is easier
  • more confidence to go for that job or that dream
  • you can be less dependent on other people to make you feel happy/beautiful
  • It definitely can ease some anxiety and depression and other mental problems

*getting through the day can be a little less of a struggle


There is so many more benefits of loving yourself, so love yourself. for everything that you are and are becoming. you are enough, and you are beautiful.

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