Heya guys, In the spirit of love this April I thought I would write an article on how to pack the perfect picnic
Doesn’t have to be with your partner can be friends or family.

Food ideas

Food is essential to pack the perfect picnic, making sure your food is both easy to eat and delicious doesn’t have to be difficult.
I suggest you pack two sweets, one main, one side and a drink.

Some basic ideas of foods to pack:

-Salad (potato, fruit, cucumber, garden)
-Cheese platter
-Rolls and wraps

It’s way easier if you pack things in a container that the food can be served or even eaten from, and as for the sweets if they’re pre-portioned into little bites it’s easier then cutting a whole cake.
If you’re bringing cold items or a cooler bag I suggest freezing two water bottles to keep the items chilled because it also provides you with an extra drink.

(Use mason jars to pre-portion salad)


Pack a blanket to sit on and a towel especially if you’re bringing a cooler-bag or frozen items
Try to think about the type of blanket you’re using depending on where you’re going, if it’s wet you will want a waterproof one and if you’re at the beach you’ll want one that doesn’t collect sand.

Please consider using reusable cutlery and cups!! It might be tempting to bring disposable serving ware that you don’t have to take home again but it is important to consider the planets comfort as well as our own.
People cant enjoy picnics at the beach if it’s covered in plastic or at the park if there are no trees.


Pack fairy lights in a jar for ambiance rather than a candle, it’s much safer and provides a fairytale-like centerpiece.

Pack a wooden serving board for aesthetic and convenience whether or not you’re cutting anything, especially if you’re sitting on sand or grass, you can place your drinks on it so they won’t tip over.

If you’re bringing flowers, especially ones you’ve picked from home, wrap the stems in a damp paper towel and then in a thin layer of foil to keep them fresh and hydrated. that way when you get to your destination they’re still fresh and beautiful.

I recommend tucking them into the handle of your picnic basket if you have one or using a VOSS bottle as a vase as it creates a very cute centerpiece.


that’s all, for now, thank you all for reading!