To whoever has stumbled upon this,
It is time to start living.
We live one life, and although right now it might not seem like it; in the grand scheme of things, it is a very short life. In all the 4.54 billion years, we all get to co-exist at the same time, which in my opinion is pretty damn cool. In a millennium (1,000), none of us will exist anymore. All of our family, friends, crushes, peers, and strangers will all be gone.

We have all done things we are not proud of in the past, we have all hurt someone, broken into tears when we were trying so hard not to, we have all lost someone and we have all lived.

So, let’s all put the past behind us and live in the now. Because quite frankly I don’t think any of us want to be in retirement villages wondering ‘what if’. Let’s turn all of those ‘what ifs’ into ‘remember when’. Go to that coffee shop that you have been keen to go to, ask that person that you like on a date, buy that lipstick or handbag you have been admiring, adopt that animal that makes your heart melt, fall in love, travel and be a kind person to everyone that you meet.

We all have our stories, let’s all turn them around and make them an adventure of a lifetime. Love each other like there is no tomorrow, listen to the people who need to be heard and be a voice for those who cannot project.

The time to start living is now.