Born a girl determines the way you are going to be seen, treated, the things you should or shouldn´t do and the amount of job opportunities you will have in your life. When I was a child, I was jealous of my male friends, they could run and play as much as they want, they were free while I had to watch them only because I was a lady and people will think that I was a tomboy. Luckily I have an older brother so the things I shouldn´t do in school or in another place such as family reunions I did it in my house. Growing up, things got complicated your body starts to change and you feel like you are in another country, adding to the rules you have to follow because you are a girl.

You know what? The real things that shouldn’t happen are:

Women shouldn´t be afraid to walk alone. They should feel free and safe to go home at any time with any clothes.

Women shouldn´t believe that being catcall is a compliment if it makes her feel uncomfortable. Don´t let anyone ruin your day just because a few words.

Women shouldn´t be afraid to walk pass a group of men, even teenage boys knowing that they could do or say something that might hurt her.

Women shouldn´t worry about the clothes they will wear thinking that something bad could happen to her. And also shouldn’t avoid using certain clothes labeled “too much provocative” or “sluty”.

Women shouldn´t feel unsafe at hers jobs. They should earn the same amount of money like they male coworkers.

Women shouldn´t be afraid to discuss and make herself respected.

Teach girls that boys aren´t enemies that they all have feelings and can be harassed too, that not all of them are bad people that always want to hurt.